Almost without realizing it, I have spent more than a half-month in the Big Apple.  To tell the truth, everything has flown by so fast I haven’t even been aware of it.  My life here is very happy because I am living my dream with my wife.  There are no limits to the opportunities in NYC.  It is easy to feel like a New Yorker in a city where everyone is one from the moment they start living here.  Also, living in Harlem has allowed me to immerse myself in several different cultures.  This makes it even more exciting!  You must have an open mind and not pre-judge people, including yourself.

Welcome Pedro

Abby welcomed me at the airport after landing in New York City

Pedro & Abby together

After three tense months of waiting, we were finally together

Central Park

My first walk around Central Park with the Malaga football team t-shirt

Apple Store

Something I had in mind since the moment I landed, a visit to Apple Store in Fifth Avenue


The taste of a great hamburger in our neighborhood in Harlem

Union Square

Union Square has become one of my favorite places

Happy Hour

My first happy hour in New York City

Pedro Abby Roof

Being the first one, nothing better than a rooftop!


Like on TV! The first Sunday we went to an authentic diner

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in the background!

Relax Brooklyn

Who says that New York City is not relaxing?

Boat in East River

We took advantage of the water taxi and enjoyed a boat ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Cafe bookstore

My favorite place to read and write is this cafe-bookstore


So I didn’t forget my roots, nothing better than a big Spanish omelette!

Small Manhattan

An example of how someone feels dwarfed by so many high buildings

You can see by the pictures that the rhythm here is frenetic.  Many experiences are packed into each day.  I haven’t even seen 1% of what New York City has to offer.  There are millions of streets and neighborhoods yet to be explored.  I will try them all with Rusko and Abby!  This is just the first chapter in a long list of reflections under the section “A malagueño in New York” (a malagueño is someone from Malaga, like me :))  In this section I will describe my feelings and impressions of a city that doesn’t give you time to breathe, which opens its arms and traps you in a big bear hug. Hugs for everyone!