We were pleasantly surprised with the service from Sinmaletas when we sent our suitcases to the United States

I’m sure that we are not the only ones who have thought about the possibility of sending our suitcases ahead of us so that we could travel more comfortably. This is especially true on long trips or when you have to move for a time to a new place. We started to seriously consider this option on our latest adventure when we moved from our home in Madrid to New York City. It was difficult to imagine ourselves in the airport with two big suitcases a piece, then our carry on luggage, and having to pay extra for our second bag. So, I started to look online for some alternatives and I found sinmaletas.com.

We have to admit that in the beginning we were a bit skeptical about sending half of our belongings to our new life through a private company. But, in the end, the positives outweighed the negatives and we decided after reading the positive experiences of previous users to trust that things would work out and give it a try. So we called up sinmaletas and we were pleasantly surprised at the exceptional and friendly service. The people at sinmaletas explained the whole process and answered all our questions about a service that still seemed a little bit odd to us.

Obviously sending a suitcase to the United States requires different steps from sending it to another destination in Spain. They have to go through customs and there are different forms about your stay in the country and tons of red tape (which we are beginning to get used to). Luckily, the girl at sinmaletas helped us and explained the process and gave us an email address so that we could communicate more quickly. The first thing we had to do was fill out the information online to get an estimate of the cost and we were surprised to find that it would be much cheaper than what we expected! We would have our suitcases delivered to the States without having to carry them!

After accepting the estimated cost and paying, the people from sinmaletas got in touch with us to tell us what papers we had to send and what forms to fill out, as well as to coordinate a time that they could come to collect our bags. We were surprised at how flexible they were to pick up the bags, and the fact that they came to our house made things even easier! Before the transportation company came to pick up the suitcases, sinmaletas sent us a security kit. It was a band that went around the suitcase where the different documents were visible so that the different people could access them without a problem, among these documents was the address where the suitcases were to be delivered.

Sin Maletas suitcases From Spain to US

There is also an option to add insurance coverage to each suitcase if you think that the basic 600 euro coverage is less than the value of the contents of your suitcase. We chose to add the insurance which upped the coverage to 1,500 euros per suitcase and that way we felt a little calmer in case the bags were lost. So with that, everything was done! Now we just had to wait for the person to come and pick them up, and the truth is that we were a bit nervous that something would happen at customs or that they would get lost in the shipping, but there was no turning back. With everything reading, the people came and picked them up. Off theywent!

We thought it would take about a week for the suitcases to arrive, so we didn’t even look to see their progress online. But imagine our pleasant surprise when the next afternoon our suitcases were already in our family’s home in Pennsylvania! It only took 24 hours to arrive! We thought maybe they had delivered the wrong ones by mistake, but no! These were our suitcases, already in the United States! We have to admit that our experience with sinmaletas was very positive and the service is definitely something we would consider using in the future. We ruskommend using sinmaletas.com with 5 boquerones, don’t hesitate to use this servie because it really is worth it!