It’s hard to get over post vacation blues, and even more so when you have to get back to the working routine. But why let it get you down? Here are 8 ideas for travelers.

Summer vacation is over and you just got back from the trip you’ve spent months preparing for and with a heavy heart, we have to say goodbye. Now we are left with the exciting, but at the same time sad, memory that you only get from past adventures. It’s post-vacation blues. And it’s hard to recover from as you get back into the work routine again. But…why should you feel down? Why not make your memories into something positive? We have 8 sure fire ideas that always do the trick to get over our post-vacation blues.

Develop and organize the photos from your trip

Photographic films

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Looking at the photos from your recent trip, organizing them and sharing them with friends is definitely a first step to remembering, and not forgetting your adventures. I’m sure that a lot of the photos will remind you of anecdotes, beautiful moments and, more than anything, although just for a little while, it will allow you to travel back to the corners of the world that you recently explored. Choose the best photos and develop them (yes, yes, that thing we used to do years ago!) That way you can make a mural, a collage or just have a treasure to share with friends.

Write about your trip

Writing a letter

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I know, the first thing you are going to say is that only a blogger who writes about all their trips would think to suggest something like that. But no, I don’t want to suggest that you all start a blog (unless you really want to). It doesn’t even have to be something digital. Do you remember the travel diaries we used to write when we were younger, where we let our imaginations run wild? Writing about the things that happened on your trip is an excellent way to remember those moments and experience them for a second time.

Tell everyone about the best things that happened on your trip

Chatting with friends

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Again, I’m not suggesting that you fill up your Facebook wall with everything that happened on your trip. I’m thinking of something more personal. Call your best friend and tell them about the trip. Besides having a nice chat and doing something social, it’s a great way to create a new version of the trip and share it. This is a great way to combine trips and adventures into one conversation. You might even be inspired to plan your next trip!

Contact someone you met on the trip

Talking by telephone

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I’m sure that during your trip you met someone who was really nice. Whenever we travel we almost always find someone or a group of friends that seemed destined to find us. The waiter at a restaurant, another couple on a tour or even someone from a dance club. There’s nothing better to remember your trip than connecting with the person who really meant something when you were on vacation. It’s a way to stay connected to the memories and who knows, it could be the start of a great friendship.

Try a new recipe from the place you traveled

Trying new recipes

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What better to remember your latest trip than food? We all know that trying the local food is a big part of any trip. That’s why an excellent way to get over post-vacation blues is by making and enjoying the typical dishes from the area you traveled to. Find something easy if you aren’t great in the kitchen! There’s always something that you can try, and you never know! It might become a new favorite meal at your house!

Go to a restaurant with cuisine from the city or country you traveled to


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If you aren’t much of a cook and don’t see yourself being inspired to cook or learn a new recipe, which we can understand, there is another alternative! Let someone else do the cooking. After a trip, we love to find an authentic restaurant that serves food similar to what we found on our trip. It’s one way, not only to find a new restaurant in your town, but also to relive the trip and appreciate details that you might not have noticed during your trip.

Listen to music from the place you’ve been

Listening to music on the subway

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If food is one of the things that can immediately bring you back to a destination, the other, maybe even more so, is music. Find some music from the country you’ve visited and close your eyes. You’ll be back on the plane taking a mental trip as you remember the sights and sounds of your vacation.

Start planning your next trip

Skiing, an idea to beat the post-vacation blues

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Our last idea, which is clearly the most motivating way to get over post vacation blues: plan your next trip! Summer is over, and after the fall is winter, which is the next time lots of people choose to take vacation. We might be planning to visit our family in the United States, or going to a warm destination, or somewhere to do winter sports. If you start looking for ideas early, you’ll be all the more prepared (both in terms of savings and psychologically). You can also look for offers where it’s summer or the winter is milder.

Do you have any ideas for how to survive post- vacation blues? Share them with us..who knows, it might be even better than what we’re doing right now!

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