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For the second time successfully helped our bags cross the Atlantic. A quick and efficient service that we recommend 100%

You can imagine how much of a drag it is to move all of your belongings to another country. When we began to prepare our move from New York to Málaga, we realised that we had 8 suitcases and that it was pretty complicated to bring them on the flight with us. It was clear that we needed a way, at a reasonable price, to be able to send them from one place to another, and have them waiting for us on our arrival. Based on the experience we had when we ship suitcases from Madrid to New York with, we didn’t have to think twice about using them again.

As we explained the last time, contacting them is pretty easy. Best of all, the treatment you get from the very start is fantastic. However, sending suitcases from one side of the Pond to the other isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. You need specific documentation. Customs looks over everything and they want to know who is the person sending the items and why we are personally shipping them. Luckily, at they are very knowledgeable and can help with whatever question you might have (even the few occasions we asked stupid questions, because of course…we didn’t want to lose our suitcases.)

First, we went online, chose the origin, destination, the date and number of pieces of luggage. Next, we filled in all the personal information and when we finished, we waited for a response. This is when the team got in contact with us explaining all of the documentation to fill in, how to complete it and have it ready and prepared so that it could be passed onto the company in charge of picking up the luggage.

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To prevent possible breakages due to the handling of bags, we wrapped the suitcases with cling film. In the timeframe they told us, the company came to pick up the bags and from there on out, took care of everything. There’s also an option to add additional insurance to each piece of luggage if the basic insurance of €600 doesn’t cover the content. We chose the €1,500 option for each suitcase in case anything happened.

Just 4 days later, my father rang me to say that the suitcases were already in Málaga. After two magnificent experiences with I have nothing but high praise for them. We love it when businesses act professionally, care about their work and are efficient. The truth is we don’t expect to do another transatlantic move but as the saying goes…”never say never”. If it happens again, we’d go with them in a heartbeat. They also do national and European shipments, with much simpler processes. We ruskomend shipping suitcases with with 5 boquerones. Congratulations and thanks for your hard work!

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