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Tools for filtering criteria that isn’t based on a date range, instead on budget, maximum flight time and even temperature!

For those of us who are true travel lovers, many times the destination is not the most important thing. There have been many times when I have started off looking at destinations, many of which were appealing, but none of which fit our budget for the given date.  Luckily, during the summer, we have more flexibility since Abby is a teacher and has her summers off.  Because of this, it doesn’t matter which days we travel.  Our destination has to be a place we’ve wanted to go to for ages and also a place that fits our budget.  With all of these requirements, there are indispensable applications that will help you filter the criteria, which are not just based on dates but also on other factors.

Paceful islandThe idea behind these travels apps is simple, although the criteria to choose between one app and another differs.  You have to select a starting point, a possible date range (that could be an entire month or time period) and a budget. The response that it retrieves is a selection of destinations ranging in price.  In all honesty, it’s exciting to see yourself in different cities and see the prices at a single glance, without having to change dates as before.  These tools are even more useful for those who have complete flexibility to travel, because you can find some real bargains.

One of our favorites is the “Mapping out the deals” from You choose a starting point and the month when you would like to travel.   Then, possible destinations will pop up.  I love seeing a full map of options to visit!  Once the map pops up you can filter yet again.  The first criteria that you can determine is your budget, then you can choose the maximum time that you want to be on a plane and you can even choose the temperature!  So you can either choose to travel to Málaga or a Greek Island to seek out some sun or you can venture into the depths of winter in Russia, Poland or Germany.

There are many more apps and useful tools for travel that can you help you plan your travels and they’re becoming more and more popular.  The apps have travellers in mind, allowing us to find the best deals for a specific destination.  We want options, we want to travel within our budget and if I wanted to every week, I could find the best destination for my needs, all thanks to apps.  What are your favourite travel apps?  Leave us a comment with your recommendations!  Who knows, maybe we’ll use them for our next travel plans.

Map out the deals by Liligo

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