Transfer from the Bergamo airport to Milan, like royalty!

Our experience with hoppa for the transfer from Bergamo airport to Milan couldn’t have been better. Punctuality, professionalism and comfort.

The transfer from the airport to the city center almost always turns into an odyssey. You’re juggling bags and suitcases, you’re tired, you want to start exploring the city, loading yourself and all your luggage onto public transportation….Truth be told, as we get older, we want to streamline the process and be more comfortable. That’s why on our trip to Milan, we decided to enjoy the luxury of a private car that would take us to our destination without having to worry about anything. Out of all the webs that we looked at, the one we finally chose was hoppa.

As you know, our flight left from Málaga and brought us to Bérgamo airport (which is practically all flights from RyanAir.) Although we were planning on visiting Bérgamo a few days later, our first stop was the neighborhood of San Siro on the outskirts of Milan. So as soon as we got off the plane, we were excited for two reasons: First because we didn’t have to pick up our luggage (which is always an extra stress wondering if your bags got lost or that they will take forever to come out on the carrousel) and second because there was someone waiting to take us to our destination. Now that’s how to start a trip!

Our car chosen by Hoppa
Picture (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

As planned, as soon as we came out of the door for arrivals, there was an Italian man who was waiting for us with a sign that read “Pedro & Abby: El Boquerón Viajero.” With a smile, he kindly helped us with our bags and lead us to the car which would take us to the apartment. And it was quite a car, too! A Mercedes so comfortable that we wouldn’t have minded driving all the way to the south of Italy if we had to. “Oh my God!,” Abby said, and I felt the same way. The driver asked us a million questions (I’m Andalusian, so I’m obviously exaggerating) all to make sure that we were as comfortable as possible.

The trip took about 40 minutes on the highway from the airport to Milan. But we didn’t have any problems because I was so comfortable I could have fallen asleep there. Of course, we were too excited to sleep with Northern Italy outside the window, different and darker than Tuscany or Rome, but waiting to be explored. With the GPS, the driver found the apartment quickly and left us at the door. We didn’t have to do anything else. Bravo!

Pedro y Abby
Picture (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

Our return trip at 4:30am

While our flight from Malaga to Italy was at a normal time, the return trip wasn’t so much. When you fly with Ryanair, that’s just one of the things you have to put up with (but we’ll focus on our car transfer service.) This time we were staying in Bérgamo, so at least the trip to the Bérgamo airport would be quicker. Since it was so early in the morning, we weren’t sure if the driver would be as punctual as the first time. Just in case, we went outside 10 minutes early so the driver wouldn’t have to wait if he got there early.

Surprise! The driver was already waiting for us downstairs! He was early! The return trip was much faster and since we were so tired because it was almost the middle of the night. Honestly, the driver could have taken us anywhere and we wouldn’t have known the difference. This is where our experience with hoppa ended. We can’t help but thank the company for the wonderful service that they offer. We ruskommend the hoppa car transfers with 5 boquerones based on our fantastic experience with punctuality, professionalism and comfort.

Picture (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero
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Featured Picture (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero
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