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Sinmaletas : Travel light by sending your suitcases ahead of you!

We were pleasantly surprised with the service from Sinmaletas when we sent our suitcases to the United States I’m sure that we are not the only ones who have thought about the possibility of sending our suitcases ahead of us so that we could travel more comfortably. This is especially true on long trips or when you have to move for a time to a new place. We started to seriously consider this option on our latest adventure when we moved from our home in Madrid to New York City. It was difficult to imagine ourselves in the airport with two big suitcases a piece, then our carry on luggage, and having to pay extra for our second bag. So, I started to look online for some alternatives and I found

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Going to Greenwich, London by boat: between two time zones

Taking a ride on the Thames is a great way to get to Greenwich and stand in two different time zones at once I went to London with my brother, totally by chance.  We wanted to visit Greenwich. We chose the most original option: a ride in a boat on the River Thames. As we waited for the boat, we took lots of great shots of the Thames with the London Eye in the background.

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Where to eat in Málaga : Restaurant Montana

Restaurant Montana offered us magnificent quality in an historic area of Málaga You can find Restaurant Montana in one of the neighborhoods with more tradition and character in Málaga: “La Victoria”. This restaurant is very well known in Malaga and we went there because our fiend had recommended it to us, saying that he had a great dining experience. Taking advantage of the fact that on Thursday you can enjoy your dinner with a stand-up comic routine, we thought that it would be fun to enjoy both the food and a few laughs.

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Unique Small Towns in Asturias : Ribadesella

Ribadesella is a beautiful town in Asturias where you can enjoy impressive landscapes We continue our route along the Asturian coast. After having lunch and visiting Llanes, the next stop was Ribadesella. Ribadesella is important for some reasons: the prehistoric remains are very evident and you can visit them, it is the place where the descent of the River Sella ends and the Route of the Dinosaurs is nearby and you can see their remains.

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Unique Small Towns in Asturias : Covadonga

Covadonga: Beauty and fantasy; a visit to the lakes, the hermitage and the basilic The second day dawned very cloudy. After visiting Cangas de Onís, we wanted to see the Lakes of Covadonga, its landscape and the sanctuary. You can go to Covadonga by car or by public transportation (you can only go up to the lakes by car between 8pm and 10am). There are four parking lots to leave the car between Cangas de Onís and Covadonga (Cangas Center, La Venta, El Bosque and El Repelao). There you can buy the bus tickets (7,5€, from 10am to 6:30pm) for going up to any point of Covadonga.

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