What to see in Brussels : The Atomium

The Atomium is a spectacular structure that has become the symbol of Brussels

The Atomium, Brussels
Six spheres of the atomical structure of the iron crystal

It was our last day in Brussels after having visited two marvelous cities like Brujas and Gante. For this last stretch we had prepared a visit to the farther flung areas that we hadn´t had the opportunity to see the previous days, like the area of Laeken where we would see the Atomium, the Exposition Hall of Brussels or the Park of Laeken.

Expo Brussels
The congress and exposition centers in Belgium

We began our day early to eat breakfast and see the maximum amount of things possible before going to the airport. Our first intention was to rent a bicycle and do our touristic route that way. As luck would have it we didn´t find a bike rental place before meeting some men who kindly got the idea of a bike out of our heads (because we didn´t have enough time to get to Laeken). Although later we realized that there were better ways to get to the Atomium, we wound up taking the tram number 3 from Rogier to Esplanade.

Expo Brussels
The congress and exposition centers in Belgium

When we got off the tram we crossed the street and were unsure if we should follow the indications to the huge Laeken Park or the Atomium. Finally we decided on the second option, which was what we really had wanted to see, leaving the first for later if we had time. Before arriving, thanks to the path we chose, we passed the old Exposition center of Brussels, which held the Expo in 1935 and 1958 and that today is one of the largest congress and exposition centers in Belgium. To the left we had the impressive monument and science center Atomium which calls your attention as you get closer to it.

The Atomium, Brussels
Inside of the Atomium

The Atomium, more than 100 meters tall, was constructed for the Exposition of 1958 and forms the beautiful atomical structure of the iron crystal. The entrance fee was 11€ for adults and it is worth paying to enter. The visit had two parts, one in the permanent exhibits and the other was climbing to the look out which is what almost everyone wants to see. When you enter they redirect you so that first you see the temporary exhibitions so that the line doesn´t get too long.

The Atomium, Brussels
The stairs give the sensation that they are vertical.

There are nine spheres in total. It is very interesting to visit each of the six spheres that you have access to, since three of them are closed to the public for security reasons. As we went up we found the first of the spheres, the base sphere with memorabilia from the 1958 exposition and its construction. The next sphere is composed of two floors and shows the temporary exhibits. When we were there the theme was “Cosmos: Be a Star” with multiple audiovisual explanationsabout the universe trying to fuse science, art and philosophy.

Mini Europe, Brussels
The sights from the highest sphere

It was impressive to go up some flights of stairs to pass from one sphere to the other, giving the sensation that they are practically vertical. The rest of the spheres had bars, events and a children´s play area. The last of the spheres is situated in the upper part of the structure and offers a beautiful look out to contemplate the city of Brussels from one of its angles. To arrive to the top we went up in the fastest elevator in Europe, it was truly impressive. We ruskommend the Atomium with 4 boquerones.

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