Helado del Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory con el Puente de Brooklyn detrás, Nueva York.

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The location is ideal and the ice cream is even better. You can’t miss the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for a delicious sweet treat!

You might have seen the building that looks like a miniature house at the entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s a bit dwarfed by the Brooklyn Bridge and the spectacular views of Manhattan, but we can assure you that this little house deserves your undivided attention. It is home to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, one of the best spots for ice cream in New York.

the line at brooklyn ice cream factory

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The shop was originally a 1922 fire boat house and they began selling ice cream back in 2001. The first thing you will notice about the shop is that there are very few flavors compared to other ice cream chains you might be used to. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is makes all its flavors the old fashioned way with less butter fat and without eggs. They only do small batches with classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan and coffee. My favorite part is that there are no preservatives and the ice cream is deliciously creamy and smooth. You can also order sundaes or milkshakes.

special flavors at brooklyn ice cream factory

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We will warn you, there is practically no room inside this little house and the line is almost always out the door. You stand there waiting, debating about your flavor choice (and if you’re like me that’s the hardest part!) Suddenly it will be your turn and the five or so people behind the counter zipping back and forth to take orders, money and give you your change seem to be dancing in a sort of orchestrated chaos. One of them asks your order and in no time a little dish of ice cream sits before you in all its glory. Seriously, yum!

interior brooklyn ice cream factory

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The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory has some tables inside, but more than likely you’ll have to take your treat outside to eat it. You will not be the first person to hold your ice cream triumphantly up against the Brooklyn Bridge for a “food in the air” shot for social media, but we will absolutely grant you this moment of insta-foodie-happiness. We’ve been there and we’ve definitely done the same. Once you’ve got your Brooklyn Bridge and ice cream picture out of the way, you can enjoy your sweet treat in the park with views of Manhattan. It is, quite honestly, one of my favorite spots for as long as it’s warm enough to sit in the park without gloves and a hat.

ordering at brooklyn ice cream factory

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If you want to beat the lines, however, there is a second location that is, perhaps less picturesque, but every bit as delicious. It is found in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn at the end of Manhattan Avenue. This is actually where the ice cream is made for the DUMBO location, but as popularity grew, they decided to add a little storefront so people could enjoy the delicious frozen treats in Greenpoint, too. Genius if you ask us! Of course, if you are lucky and the owner, Mark Thompson, is around, you can ask him!

The only question that remains is, one scoop or two?

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Brooklyn Bridge

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

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