citizenM Hotel New York: For Expert Travelers Who Want Something Cooler.

The citizenM Hotel New York is both efficient and cool, a relaxing space with a snarky sense of humor. It’s as “New York” as they come and only minutes from Times Square.

We knew we were going to like the citizenM Hotel New York Times Square as soon as our taxi pulled up to the door. Outside on the wall there was a huge collage of different statues, books and tchotchkes. The big open lobby was also very urban artsy and self sufficient. There was a check-in kiosk where we were able to choose breakfast or a late check out and make our own room keys. Of course, there was a staff member ready to assist us and store our luggage if necessary, but in general, it reminded us of checking in at the airport. Quick, less waiting, and easy as pie. 

Reception at citizenM Hotel New York Times Square
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

Our room was long and narrow, but very functional. Like something out of a futuristic movie, the soft white lights invited us to step inside a pod like room. The huge (insanely comfortable) king sized bed was shoved against the window at the end of our room and we quickly clambered up to get a better view out the window. It took us a second to figure out the controls for the window shade (here’s an insider’s tip: read the manual by the bedside table first!). All the lights and tech are controlled by little buttons and a tablet that is ready with the TV channels and media you would expect from such a sleek and sophisticated space. The shower even had different colored lights (which Pedro enjoyed playing with as I was enjoying the rain style relaxation).

Our room at the citizenM Hotel New York Times Square
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

Upstairs on the rooftop there is a 360 degree view of Times Square. Speaking of which, citizenM Hotel could not have a better location. It’s on 50th street between 8th Avenue and Broadway, so you are right in the center of the action and with views like that, who would want to be anywhere else?!? The Cloud Bar has the same eclectic feel as the lobby with a large moose head and other funky decorations on the wall. The cocktails were also spot on and the views were pure New York!

Enjoying a cocktail at citizenM Hotel New York Times Square
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

The next morning we enjoyed a breakfast buffet in the hotel lobby. I really loved not only the delicious chocolate croissant, but also the open space in the lobby and small garden courtyard. Everything was bright and had a slight hipster feel. It was very clearly a hotel meant for travelers in the know (which we hope we are!) Pedro’s favorite part was how efficient everything was. He’s always attempting to optimize things in our house, so this hotel was his dream come true. I appreciated the snarky sense of humor the citizenM had with it’s little phrases printed on everything. Even the hotel website tells it like it is, “We sold the hotel clichés and used the money to make your stay cheaper. Absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, or other tired old hotel clichés.”

Patio of citizenM Hotel New York Times Square
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

The citizenM Hotel Times Square feels like New York. Modern, sleek and much cooler than any hotel where your friends might have stayed. The room has all the essentials and none of the extras. Of course, if you came to New York City, you will likely be spending very little time in the hotel room! The citizenM definitely comes through on the most important requirements of a New York Hotel: a comfortable bed, quiet rooms, a relaxing shower and great breakfast buffet. citizenM Hotel is the perfect place for a business traveler or couple to stay in the heart of Times Square! (I’m dying to check out their other hotels in Europe, by the way! With locations in Glasgow, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris and London we have a feeling this is the start of a new hotel obsession.)

The view from our room at citzenM Hotel New York Times Square
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero
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