We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Gosman’s Restaurant with magnificent views and delicious lobster

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Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

The first morning we were in Montauk, Pedro and I woke up early and took a walk past the silent beach and waterfront of Montauk Harbor, looping around to Gosman’s Dock where we caught a glimpse of the last of the lobsters and seafood being unloaded from a fishing boat. We decided then and there that we had to try Gosman’s Restaurant for dinner that night.

Pedro enjoying a cocktail at Topside, MontaukWith a spectacular view of Montauk Harbor, Pedro and I started our evening with cocktails on Topside, a bar owned by the same people as Gosman’s Restaurant. We watched the boats and the deep blue water as we sipped on a cocktail in the late afternoon sun. This was the start to our summer, and it made for a picture perfect start to our evening, as well.

For dinner, we wandered down the block to Gosman’s Restaurant. A large white building with an impossibly large deck area, Gosman’s Restaurant serves up the fresh fish that you can buy in the fish market (the same fish we saw being taken off the boat earlier that morning!) The night we visited, was crystal clear and the sunset promised to be breathtaking. Our reservations were for 7pm and we were seated in the perfect place: just at the waters edge on the deck. It felt almost as if we were dining on a boat with the sea breeze cooling off the warm summer night.

Our waitress brought our drinks and we decided to start with an appetizer of fried calamari. Now, Pedro being from Málaga, in the south of Spain, he is quite familiar with fried calamari, as it is a common dish at almost all the seaside “chiringuitos” (food stands on the beach). At Gosman’s Restaurant, the calamari didn’t disappoint. Served with a zesty tomato sauce that was just spicy enough, the breading stuck to the calamari, which was cooked to perfection. It was clearly the start to a delicious meal.

Montauk Harbor, Long IslandFor our entrees, we decided to share (as we often do, since that’s the best way to try lots of different foods!) Pedro ordered the lobster tails which came with a baked potato and a small little tub of butter sauce to dip the sweet lobster meat in. Pedro had never tried lobster before (I know! Almost impossible to believe for someone who was born in a coastal city.) However, this lobster was cooked just right. The lobster meat was melt in your mouth good, and sitting next to the water, you couldn’t help but feel the summer vibe.

I tried the Local Day Boat Sea Scallops on a bed of red quinoa with wild mushrooms in a deliciously creamy sauce. This was yet another succulent dish. I couldn’t believe how well the quinoa and mushrooms mixed with the sweet grilled scallops. It was beautifully presented on the plate and made me feel like I was really eating something special. This was a perfect dish for a romantic dinner, and I was so glad we shared!

By the time dessert rolled around, the sun was setting and the sky was dyed a beautiful shade of pink with oranges and light purples. The water shone a deep blue and I felt lucky to be enjoying the view from my table. I’ll have to admit that I stole away from our table for a few minutes to get a better view and photo of the setting sun (after all, the sun sets in New York City, but there is something magical and romantic about the evening at the beach.) As for our dessert choices, Pedro tried the tiramisu which was creamy and tasted just enough of strong espresso. I had the homemade mixed berry pie a la mode. The pie was tart, but it was perfectly paired with the vanilla ice cream. It was the perfect end to a delicious seaside dinner.

Gosman’s Restaurant had excellent service (our waitress was very helpful in recommending both entrees and desserts), and we didn’t feel rushed at all, despite the fact that the restaurant was quite busy on a Saturday night in the middle of a dinner service. We felt completely at ease and very lucky to be at the beach on such a beautiful night with such tasty and fresh fish for dinner. If you are in Montauk, Gosman’s Restaurant is a perfect place for lunch or dinner. We ruskommend it with 5 boquerones.

Lobster Tails in Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Abby at Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Pedro at Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Fried Calamari in Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Grilled Sea Scallops in Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Tiramisu in Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Mixed Berry Pie in Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

Sunset from Gosman's Restaurant, Montauk

**We were invited to visit by Gosman’s Restaurant. In no way were we swayed to write a positive review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Ruskommendation of 5 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Gosman’s Restaurant: 5 boquerones

Service:9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)
Products:9 out of 10 stars (9.0 / 10)
Value for money:8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)
Atmosphere:9 out of 10 stars (9.0 / 10)
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