Views from the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Archer

In Midtown Manhattan everything is overwhelming. There are too many people, buildings on top of one another stretching way too high into the clouds, and an unmistakable energy that reminds you ever so subtly that you really should have handed in that report yesterday. So thank goodness for the Archer Hotel. This boutique hotel on 38th Street between 5th and 6th has every reason to be just as crazy as the rest of Midtown, but it’s wonderfully the opposite. The Archer Hotel feels like coming home (if home were an incredibly posh, creatively decorated New York apartment with a killer view).

Entrance and Patio of the Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by Archer Hotel

The first clue that the Archer is different is clear even before you step inside. This hotel has not only a terrace for the David Burke Restaurant, Fabrik, but also a lounge area. It’s almost like having a front porch…to your hotel. When you walk in, the bustling lobby filled with bright artwork, all done by local artists, envelopes you in a different kind of Midtown energy. This feels much more “I <3 NY” and less “I might lose it if yet another cab passes by and doesn’t stop for me.”

Something sweet before going to bed at the Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

Of course, the Archer Hotel is all about showing off New York City. The staff are encouraged to pick out a pocket square or necklace each morning, always from a New York City based designer. There is also a cookie jar filled with David Burke’s peanut brittle for guests to take, and each night there is a little treat from a New York bakery or business waiting for you after the turndown service. These local treats are infinitely cooler than those After 8 mints I used to look forward to when I was little, by the way. Oh, and if you are the kind of person who likes to exercise on vacation, the Archer provides a pass to the nearby NY Sports Club. (I have to confess that we didn’t go to the gym on this visit. The bed was just so comfortable, we couldn’t bring ourselves to wake up earlier than necessary!)

Our room at the Hotel Archer

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Our room, though on the smaller side, had the biggest view we could ask for. Pulling back the curtain, we could enjoy a floor to ceiling views of the Empire State Building, possibly the best view I’ve seen in all the time I’ve spent in New York. Hard as it was to tear our eyes away from the view, the rest of the room was tastefully decorated with a plush burgundy headboard over a cloudlike bed and a whimsical painting of a pile of books. The black and white curtains were just sophisticated enough so that we didn’t feel like we were tip toeing into an overly lavish place, but rather felt instantly at home.

Birthday Cake at Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

The Archer’s attention to detail didn’t stop at the front desk. Waiting for us were bottles of water and two locally made salted caramels. (Don’t worry, you can buy whole bags of them at the front desk. As I can personally attest they are very addictive!)  Everyone gets to enjoy the caramels and water on arrival, but the Archer went one step further. I had mentioned in passing that we would be celebrating my husband’s birthday during our stay at the Archer and when we arrived we found a bottle of Champagne and a miniature red velvet cake with the words “Happy Birthday Pedro” written in chocolate on the plate. It was, not exaggerating, the best red velvet cake I’ve ever tried. The frosting layers were basically real cheesecake and every bite just melted in our mouths.

Having a drink at the Spyglass bar Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

Lest you think my opinion about the Archer Hotel was influenced purely by the birthday cake, the rooftop bar, Spyglass, also serves up cocktails that are on point. I tried the “Empire State,” Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain, ginger and basil. It was the perfect drink to go with the view, and as Pedro and I clinked glasses, I must admit that it felt really special.

Breakfast at Fabrik restaurant in Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

The next morning, after sipping coffee from the Nespresso machine in our room, we tried out Fabrik for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with sausage, home fries and white toast along with freshly squeezed orange juice made for a perfect start to our New York City day. In the lobby, the staff were more than happy to point us in the right direction or call us a cab, although the Archer Hotel is so centrally located that you can easily walk to the train or catch a bus if you prefer.

Joker Card Hotel Archer

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At check out we cashed in our Joker card. Every guest that books their stay directly through the website receives this card at check in, and it’s basically a $20 voucher. You can use it towards your restaurant bill, a gift bag of the salted caramels, purchases from the mini-bar, etc. It’s like a little thank you to guests at the hotel. With that we were on our way, although we could have stored our luggage at the hotel during the day for convenience.

Posing with the slippers at the Hotel Archer

Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boqueron Viajero

The Archer Hotel likes to say that they offer “thoughtful luxury” and that’s just what came across in our visit. From the birthday cake to the Nespresso machine and the adorable his and hers bedroom slippers; everything was designed to make us feel at home in New York. We would absolutely recommend a night at the Archer Hotel if you are looking for a boutique hotel experience in the heart of Manhattan. In fact, I’m already trying to figure out when we can go back for another visit!

Lobby of the Hotel Archer

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