Crespella is a small creperie in Park Slope, but it has amazing crepes

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Mushrooms crepe at Crespella Park Slope, Brooklyn

Park Slope is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn. With its quaint streets, bookshops, thrift stores and delicious coffee at Gorilla Coffee on 5th Ave, this is where I would tell any of my out of town friends to come for a different sort of New York experience, and it’s where I choose to spend lots of Sundays on my own. That being said, we recently discovered a small little Creperie on 7th Avenue called Crespella. This is a small little storefront with a sign out front for great coffee, delicious crepes and gluten free baked goods. Needless to say, we ventured inside.

Outside of Crespella Park Slope, BrooklynThe menu boasts both sweet and savory crepes, as well as Panini sandwiches. I chose to try the “Number 11” with asparagus, ricotta cheese, mushrooms and basil. Pedro chose one that featured asparagus, mozzarella and prosciutto ham. We placed our order at the counter and were incredibly lucky to find a place at the bar circling the small locale. Just like tapas bars in Spain, there were high bar stools where you could perch, but this little shop is not somewhere to go for a sit down meal. They are strictly about crepes, coffee and a sweet treat.

Within 10 minutes we had our fresh crepes in front of us. They were both delicious with fresh ingredients and flavors that complimented each other perfectly. Pedro also tried a smoothie which he assures me was a great choice. The only drawback to this hole in the wall crepe shop might be the lack of seating. When we first walked into Crespella the place was filled and there were no seats to be had. We got lucky, and as we were waiting in line, a seat opened up. Even so, I would warn you to scope out a seat before placing your order, because crepes are not exactly the sort of food that is easily enjoyed standing up!

We ruskommend Crespella in Park Slope with 4 boquerones, as it is a charming little place where you can enjoy a sweet treat, a breakfast crepe or a special lunch. It is also a great place to get your energy before an afternoon spent shopping and walking around Park Slope.

Inside Crespella Park Slope, Brooklyn

Prosciutto crepe at Crespella Park Slope, Brooklyn

Food menu of Crespella Park Slope, Brooklyn

Mushrooms crepe at Crespella Park Slope, Brooklyn

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Ruskommendation of 4 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Crespella: 4 boquerones

Service:7 out of 10 stars (7.0 / 10)
Food:8 out of 10 stars (8.0 / 10)
Value for money:7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
Atmosphere:8 out of 10 stars (8.0 / 10)
Average:7.6 out of 10 stars (7.6 / 10)

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  • Address: 321 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 ‎
  • Subway: D F G N R ‎
  • Telephone: (718) 788-2980
  • Price per person: $10-$20
  • Hours: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
  • Official website of Crespella

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