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Espresso 77 is a café with all the charm of Jackson Heights and Queens in general. It’s multicultural, welcoming and best of all, it has good coffee, something that can be hard to come by in NY

I love my neighborhood in Queens. We live in an area called Jackson Heights and it is a multicultural melting pot of people from India, South America, Central America, Europe, you name it, and you can find it here. We have delicious food, a farmers market each Sunday morning that brings in produce, fresh dairy products and even fish. There are concerts at the park in the summer, the express train stops at 74th street and takes me directly to my job in Chelsea, no transfers required. And, of course, our apartment is bigger than any hole in the wall we could find in Manhattan. On top of all this, Jackson Heights, and more specifically our STREET, has one of my favorite coffee shops in all of New York City: Espresso 77.

Espresso 77 street, Jackson HeightsWe found Espresso 77 on the very first day that we came to measure our apartment before the obligatory trip to Ikea for new furniture. It is a small neighborhood café that serves up delicious coffee, as well as breakfast and a light lunch menu. At night you can order a glass of wine or beer and they even have live music a couple times a week. However, what I love best about Espresso 77 is that it brings out the best in our neighborhood.

Every time I am at the café I am reminded that Queens is the type of place I am happy to call home. It reminds me that New Yorkers are friendly, that it is possible to slow down, and that people here are down right cool! One day, as my husband and I were enjoying breakfast (we ruskommend the ham and cheese croissants!), a little girl and her parents walked into the café. She put on a robot costume made from a cardboard box and asked us for 10 cents to “start the machine.”  We gave her a dime and the machine gave us back a portrait drawn in pink marker that was remarkably accurate.  Another day I struck up a conversation with a man who used to be a teacher and was surprised to learn that the blond haired, blue eyed girl next to him was a Spanish teacher.  The baristas are always friendly, and are more than willing to give you a suggestion if you aren’t sure what to order.

Breakfast at Espresso 77, Jackson HeightsThis is the perfect place to come and read a book or catch up with a friend. In fact, Espresso 77 has a strict “screen” policy. You can only use your computer for an hour, and on the weekends computers are banned from the café. This helps for several reasons. First off, the café is not huge. This is a small local coffee shop and there is limited seating, so there is no room for camping out all day with your laptop to write the next great american novel. Also, it promotes socializing, talking, you know…actually enjoying your company as you enjoy your coffee.

If you are looking for a great coffee shop with delicious lattes, yummy teas, and great snacks, this is the place! The vibe is relaxed, the people are always friendly, and it reminds you just how awesome Queens is. If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you to head out to what we think is the best borough, check out our article with 10 more reasons to come visit Queens! We ruskommend Espresso 77 with 5 boquerones.

Feta and spinach wrap from Espresso 77

Pedro. Espresso 77, Jackson Heights

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Espresso 77, Jackson Heights

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