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Planning to visit Malaga? The most valuable Malaga Travel Guide with local tips from a couple living in Andalucia. Enjoy authentic Malaga Tourism!

How to Spend A Weekend In Malaga

Why Visit Malaga

When people think of Spain, they most often jump right to Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. It’s understandable, those are the cities that have long been in the media in terms of tourism. Seville for it’s Andalusian flair, Madrid as the capital and Barcelona with its artistic bent. If you like Spanish culture, you may know about Pamplona and the running of the bulls, or Valencia with it’s famous paella and fallas. (Fallas? Wait, you’ve lost me!) I know. That’s why it’s so exciting that Málaga is coming into fashion and gaining a place in the international travel scene. It’s well deserved, and I’m here to tell you exactly why and how to make the most of your time in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Why Málaga? I’ve loved Málaga from the minute I set foot in the city for the August fair. For me Málaga has always been about friends, eating espetos (sardine skewers) on the beach, processions at Easter, and generally friendly people (my husband included!) Recently Málaga has come into the spotlight with the opening of the Pompidou Centre. This is an artistic city that has figured out a way to revamp itself from a fishing center into a historical, artistic and touristic paradise. People are starting to realize what Malagueños have known for years: that the capital of the Costa del Sol is a prime vacation destination. With 300 days of sun, delicious food, beaches, art, history and even access to cruise ships: Welcome to Málaga!

Getting there

Getting there You can get to Málaga by train, plane or automobile. Málaga has an international airport with 87 destinations and connection to Madrid (Barajas). There is a bullet train station (take the AVE from Madrid or Barcelona) as well as media distancia and cercanias if you are coming from Andalucía. If you are someone who likes to drive, Málaga’s highways are well connected. You can also leave the driving to someone else and arrive by bus. In short, we are a big city in Europe and it’s easier to get here than you thought!

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