Bar El Cortijo Antequera, park turned café

We loved the concept of Bar El Cortijo Antequera, a café in the middle of a public park

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Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

On our trip to Antequera, we also had time to take a break and have a relaxing coffee. Our friend had ruskommended a unique café which was recently opened in Antequera. This café also had a great location in the middle of a public park. As you probably know, we enjoy a good cup of coffee and when we can, we love to find unique places, so we didn’t think twice about visiting Bar El Cortijo Antequera. Its name comes from the place where you will find the café: “El Cortijo” Gardens, given by the city council in exchange for maintenance.

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, AndalusiaThe idea for the café is an open air terrace with relaxing music. Run by two young entrepreneurs, Bar El Cortijo Antequera takes full advantage of its surroundings and natural environment. On one side, they have an area of individual tents with curtains and comfortable sofas, although these are difficult to get because they are so popular. On the other side you will find bar stools, and pedestal tables which are nice too. Although these are the official seating areas, you can also take advantage of the park to drink your coffee as an extension of the café. Bar El Cortijo Antequera is open from noon to early morning, so you can have a coffee or even a drink at night.

We went to the Bar El Cortijo Antequera on the weekend after lunch in order to chat, relax and have a coffee with friends. The day we went there weren’t too many people, so we were able to try the tents and they are worth the wait! The waiters were very nice and were very attentive to the patrons. The afternoon flew by as we enjoyed the nature and calm environment, as well as great conversation and good friends. After our positive experience, we decided to come back again during the night to have drinks and listen to music. The atmosphere makes Bar El Cortijo Antequera a great choice for all ages, making everyone feel comfortable.

It’s normal that in the beginning there were some details that still needed some work, and we are sure that they will add more services to the place, as there is so much you could do with the space. We can imagine great comedy show nights, theater or even talks under the moonlight with nature surrounding the cafeteria. We ruskommend Bar El Cortijo Antequera with 4 boquerones because of the environment and the service, and we are sure that little by little it will become a point of reference to meet with friends in Antequera.

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

Bar El Cortijo Antequera, Andalusia

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Ruskommendation of 4 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Bar El Cortijo Antequera: 4 boquerones

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