Why Málaga is the perfect city to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day in Málaga? We have our reasons! And if you aren’t convinced, check out these romantic plans in this beautiful city.

Somehow the calendar has flipped again to February faster than I can finish my cup of café con leche and with it have come dozens of red and pink hearts, flowers galore and the pressure to spend February 14th in the most romantic way possible. Of course, when we think of something romantic, we think of a little get away weekend. This year Valentine’s is on Sunday, which makes it a perfect excuse to hop in the car (or plane) and take a trip with your best friends or that special someone. Where to go? We’d like to suggest Málaga. Why? Just keep reading…

Museums are for lovers

Going to a museum, a great romantic plan for Valentine’s Day in Málaga
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I have long felt that museums make the best place for a date. You get to see an art exhibit, which in and of itself appeals to me. But there are also ample opportunities to hold hands, exchange furtive glances, and duck into a corner or courtyard for a quick smooch. If you are at a museum with a café you have a chance to sit and discuss the art, maybe share a sweet treat, and definitely connect on a more intellectual level. Regardless of how long you’ve been together, a museum is sure to spark a great conversation and Málaga has not one, not two, but over twenty museums to choose from. There is literally something for everyone. My favorites? The Russian Museum and the Pompidou Center.

A walk on the beach

A romantic idea for Valentine’s Day in Málaga might be a walk on the beach.
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I used to dream of living by the beach. It took me a while to make my way here, but I’ve never lost my amazement at the beauty of the waves. The weather in Málaga, which is often mild even in mid-winter, is perfect for taking a stroll along the sand with that special someone. My favorite beach for taking a stroll is the Malagueta because you can just keep walking until the Balneario Baños del Carmen (a bar with the most amazing seafront tables). It’s just perfect for sharing a glass or two of cava and contemplating the horizon.

Sunsets from the top of the world

This Valentine’s Day in Málaga drink a toast from the Parador de Gibralfaro
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

It’s true that Málaga doesn’t have skyscrapers like New York City, but what we do have is a beautiful view from the Parador Gibralfaro. You can order a glass of wine or a coffee and sit at one of the tables that overlook the port and the center city. It’s one of the most photographed views of Málaga, and you’ll see why immediately. I can’t think of a more romantic way to start the evening.

Treat each other like Kings and Queens

Can you imagine these romantic views for Valentine’s Day in Málaga? These are from Gibralfaro Castle in Málaga.
Photo (by) by Thomas Münter

Did you know that Málaga has it’s own castle? Gibralfaro castle can be found just above the Parador hotel and it looks out over the entire city. Visiting the castle is like stepping back in time and you can fully imagine yourself guarding such a wonderful city from invaders. If you want to continue your historic afternoon, the combined ticket will also allow you entrance to the Alcazaba, the best preserved Moorish fortress in Spain. Did I mention that the gardens are breathtaking?

Thermal Baths and a Massage? Need we say more?

The Hammam Al Andalus, a relaxing plan for Valentine’s Day in Málaga.
Photo (by-nc-nd) by El Boquerón Viajero

One of my personal Valentine’s wishes is that we go back to the Hammam Al-Andalus. The arab baths are found right in the center of the city, and as soon as you walk inside, you are enveloped in a relaxing warmth with scented oils and beautiful pools decorated in the Nazarí style. Spend 90 minutes in the baths, enjoying a massage, sweet Moroccan style tea and the absolute peace of the space. If you are anything like us, you’ll be clamoring to get back as soon as possible.

A bit of wine never hurt my Valentine!

On Valentine’s Day in Málaga you can enjoy a glass of wine at the Antigua Casa de Guardia.
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If there was ever a day to indulge in a bit of wine, it would be on Valentine’s Day. Málaga is known for it’s sweet wines, which make for a great aperitif. We love the authentic feel of Taberna Antigua de Guardia, but we also like the little barrels of local wine at La Odisea, which is just on the other side of the city near the bull ring. If you aren’t up for sweet wine, ask for one of the local white or red wines from the mountains of Ronda or the Axarquía. Cheers to a romantic evening.

Feeling a bit peckish?

Delighting the palate is another great romantic plan for Valentine’s Day.
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Málaga is becoming more and more of a culinary destination. If you want to give yourself a treat, there are several high end restaurants in town that are sure to please everyone’s taste buds. We love the restaurant in the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (Oleo). The Gourmet Experience on the Rooftop of the Corte Inglés is also a great idea for a meal with a view. As well as the Refectorium, which is tucked up in the hills of the Limonar neighborhood. Of course, that’s just to name a few. In Málaga the gastronomy is constantly evolving and becoming more refined. It’s easy to find something for every taste.

Head over heels in the ferris wheel

A ride on the Ferris Wheel in Málaga, ideal on Valentine’s Day!
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Who could resist the beautiful views from the famous ferris wheel on Malaga’s port. Whether you go during the day or in the evening, the views are spectacular and unique as compared to the view from Gibralfaro Castle. We can’t think of a better place to steal a kiss and a memorable photo or two.

The most romantic garden visit

The La Concepción Botanical Gardens open their doors for Valentine’s Day in Málaga.
Photo (by-nc-nd) by Juan Ramón Martos

On February 13th, the Concepción Botanical Gardens are planning a special evening. For 15 euros you can enjoy a guided tour with that special someone through the gardens lit for the most romantic of visits. You’ll see all the romantic corners of what was once the private gardens of a noble family in the 19th century. The gardens are like stepping into the world of a classic novel with beautiful vines, canopies of flowers and an air of mystery. Without a doubt, it is a visit that will make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

All that Jazz

Clarence Jazz on Valentine’s Day.
Foto (by-nc-nd) de Clarence Jazz

If you are here for Valentine’s Day weekend, make your way to Clarence Jazz Club and enjoy a drink along with an evening of jazz music. There is just something special about live jazz music that has always captivated me. You can also check out The Wall Bar or CAMM Jazz Club, among others. Make sure to call ahead in case you need to reserve a table!

Whether or not you’ll be escaping the city or staying put, hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas for a weekend escape on Valentine’s Day. Need some more ideas? 10 more getaway road trips for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Spain. (By the way, Pedro, I’d be fine with any of these romantic plans on February 14th…just saying.)

This Valentine’s Day in Málaga there are loads of plans to choose from!
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