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Julia Bakery is one of those charming cafes that makes you happy as soon as you walk inside! (With delicious cupcakes too!)

If you have read our travel blog for any length of time you will know that I have a fondness for coffee shops. I love those little unique places, tucked away in a neighborhood of a big city where I can sit and write or read a good book. When I first moved to Málaga my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t find one of these spots. I had only ever visited for a week or two at a time. I never had the chance to explore Pedro’s home town. Lucky for me, I was dead wrong. Julia Bakery is exactly what I was looking for in an unique coffee shop in Malaga.

Inside Julia Bakery Málaga

We came upon Julia Bakery by accident. I was on my way to the Plaza de la Merced and as I walked down calle Carreteria there it was: A Brooklyn style coffee shop. I had to do a double take! I peered in the window to see delicious plates of lemon squares, artisan breads, and cupcakes of course! I later found out that Julia Bakery used to be Julia Cupcakes and they had recently moved and changed their name to expand on their delicious offerings!

Cake made by Julia Bakery Málaga

As soon as I walked into Julia Bakery, I felt comfortable. This was my coffee shop in Málaga. The one I had been so sure didn’t exist. Under the glass case were the most delicious looking cupcakes. Frosting was piled impossibly high on top of vanilla, chocolate and even red velvet cupcakes. The lemon squares were perfectly perched on a round cake stand. In a basket nearby were the most beautiful loaves of homemade bread. Of course, there was also coffee and brewed ice tea! I have NEVER seen real iced tea in Spain, so this tipped the scales for me.

Ice Tea from Julia Bakery Málaga

We each ordered a cupcake. Mine was vanilla with dulce de leche and Pedro’s was chocolate with vanilla frosting and a raspberry for decoration. Both of them were among the best cupcakes we’ve tried in Spain! The owner later explained that they’ve been at this for a while. The whole cupcake craze started with the economic crisis. When the owner and his wife found themselves without work, they decided to shift gears completely and open a bakery. The only trouble? Neither one of them was a trained baker! So they dedicated some serious hours to experimenting and learning everything they could about cupcakes and delicious baked goods. I’m here to tell you: it paid off! This is the coffee shop in Málaga that will set my standard.

Vanilla and Dulce de Leche cupcake at Julia Bakery, Málaga

Chocolate cupcake at Julia Bakery, Málaga

The decoration is minimal. Wood tables, white walls, and an amazing antique map hung over the back wall inspiring the traveler in me! It conjured up memories for me of Gorilla Café in Brooklyn and I had that feeling of being at home, even all this way across the ocean in the south of Spain. The owners told us that, “we wanted to keep it simple. The important thing is the coffee and soon we’ll be expanding our menu to include salads and lunch type things.” Amazing! You had me at the word “simple.”

Artisan breads from Julia Bakery Málaga

This coffee shop in Malaga is perhaps the best place you can come to unwind after a day of touring the city. There is wi-fi so you can bring your laptop and get some work done as you sip on your coffee. The vibe is chill, and the owners couldn’t be nicer. We’ll always miss the coffee shops in New York, and a few in Madrid…but thanks to Julia Bakery, we have a perfect place for coffee in Málaga, as well.We ruskomend Julia Bakery with 5 boquerones.

Map on the wall at Julia Bakery Málaga

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Ruskommendation of 5 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Julia Bakery: 5 boquerones

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