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Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario

The Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario brings the best of the Mediterranean diet every Saturday to Baños del Carmen

Málaga’s Baños del Carmen are a true icon for the city. If you ask any Málaga local about them, they’ll tell you where they are and that they sometimes go there to have a drink or simply to enjoy the view. As a matter of fact, we almost got married there! Although you’ll see some derelict buildings (partly due to the authorities’ slow way of dealing with things) its sea breeze, views and above all, the feeling of calm, make this spot a pretty special place for us. Thanks to this perfect atmosphere, a unique and out-of-the-ordinary project has just been set up and we’ve fallen in love with it: The Mercado Mediterráneao de los Baños del Carmen.

Balneario Baños del CarmenBut before telling you about the Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario, let’s put it in context. The beginning of the Balneario Nuestra Señora del Carmen beach, better know as the Baños del Carmen, dates back to 1918. During this time, and on the rest of the San Telmo hill, it was decided to build a private space close to the sea where the upper class could meet up – more or less a sports and social club. During this period, men and women bathed separately, films were projected onto the big screen, Málaga’s first tennis tournament took place there as well as the construction of the city’s first football field.

Despite being the place to be for many years, bit by bit, it began its sad descent and it was almost completely abandoned and forgotten. But this Málaga gem couldn’t disappear altogether and a few years ago, with the idea of not only restoring it but to give it back to the Málaga locals, various projects were launched to regenerate it and give it back the life it deserved. The first of which was to reinvigorate the El Balneario restaurant, then the Mercadillo BC on Sundays and recently, the Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario initiative has started up on Saturdays.

The Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario

Puff PastryHaving only just moved to Málaga, in March, we were told that Antonio García-Agua, a good friend, Málaga local and well-known gastronomy expert, had the brilliant idea of combining his love for culture and the Mediterranean diet, with the hope of carrying on the rejuvenation and bringing back to life Baños del Carmen. This resulted in Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario, taking place on Saturdays, which is gaining in popularity and getting better every time.

But, what exactly is the Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario? In the words of the very same Antonio: “Being in the Balaneario, it seemed to me to be the ideal place to turn this iconic Málaga setting into a space dedicated to the Mediterranean diet in all of its forms: gastronomy, culture, traditions, etc. Thus the idea of creating the Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario project was born in the creation of a market of Mediterranean products with tastings, cooking classes, talks, exhibitions, concerts, all of it encompassing what makes our Mediterranean diet the way it is.”

Cheeses from Malaga. Mercado Mediterráneo BalnearioWe’ve declared ourselves dedicated followers of the Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario. We love spending every Saturday we can there, especially as the weather and Málaga sun becomes more and more inviting. The idea goes beyond a simple exhibition fair where you can buy produce. The Mercado Mediterráneo wants couples, friends and families to spend Saturday morning tasting produce, taking it home, learning, enjoying Mediterranean music and of course, the views of the Mediterranean sea.

As the name suggests, it’s not just about promoting the culture and produce of Málaga, in fact it’s about any Mediterranean destination. We can taste wine from Málaga, Italian cheese, Lebanese music and a tea with Moroccan pastries, all at the same time.

El Balneario Restaurant and Mercadillo BC

El Balneario RestaurantThe Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario project was the result of two projects that had already been around for years, and enabled many Málaga locals to get back in touch with the area. The restaurant, as well as being the ideal place for celebrations, is the perfect setting for a lunch or a dinner in addition to being a great place to meet for a few drinks. As well as being able to eat in the colonial house interior, there’s also a terrace by the sea and another on the rooftop.

The Mercadillo BC is an innovative idea that aims to support the work of Málaga designers and artists. It takes place every Sunday and you can find eco-friendly products, soaps, jewellery, clothes and anything that will promote local business. It’s been going since 2010 and every Sunday, its success keeps on growing thanks to the appreciation of the Málaga locals and word of mouth. On its Facebook page, you can find out all the weekly goings-on.

As you can see, there are many great ideas that are being carried out to rejuvenate such an emblematic destination as Baños del Carmen. The latest of which being the Mercado Mediterránea Balneario, which we love to visit, and we’re sure you will too. If you’re going by public transport, the 11, 33 and 34 buses will drop you off, so you have absolutely no excuse! We ruskomend visiting the Balneario de los Baños del Carmen with 5 boquerones.

Pedro & Abby at Mercado Mediterráneo

Ecologic Honey

Fried Fish

Balneario Baños del Carmen

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Ruskomendation de 5 boquerones

Ruskommendation for The Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario: 5 boquerones

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  • Address: Calle Bolivia, 40, 29017 Málaga, España
  • Telephone: 951 33 31 31
  • Hours Mercado Mediterráneo Balneario: (Saturday) 10:00am-3:00pm
  • Hours Mercadillo BC: (Sunday) 10:00am-3:00pm
  • Hours Balneario Restaurant: (Mon-Sun) 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Public transportation: Bus # 11, 33 and 34