There is a Lot More to Discover in Málaga: 5 Original Getaways

Málaga’s small towns are delightful places to plan a weekend getaway. Here are 5 original choices to disconnect near the Costa del Sol.

It’s no secret that the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain is a prime destination for many vacation goers, not only in the summer, but throughout the year. It’s easy to understand why. With an enviable climate, delicious traditional dishes and tapas, as well as lots of history; it’s no wonder that people choose this area for a weekend getaway. There are lots of options for towns to visit, but we chose 5 destinations in the province of Málaga, all of them with their own unique charm, and all of them highly recommended!

Traditional Andalucía: Ronda

Foto by ESB Professional via Shutterstock
Foto by ESB Professional via Shutterstock

One of the best known towns in the province of Málaga is Ronda. With it’s famous gorge and impressive bridge, this town is worth visiting with your camera! In addition to being a beautiful white town, it also has a lot of historic charm. It is the birthplace of the modern bullfight and if you visit Ronda in September you can enjoy the “Feria Goyesca” where people dress like a Goya painting. After visiting the gorge, you can’t miss the Bandit Museum (Museo del Bandolero), the Gardens of Cuenca and the Plaza of the Duquesa de Parcent. Ronda is also known for its wines and wild game dishes. It is a place with lovely tapas; and it is less than an hour from the Sierra de las Nieves natural park so you can enjoy the woods, as well. Ronda is the ideal place to disconnect and recharge on a weekend getaway.

A City on the Sea: Marbella

Getaways from Málaga Puerto Banus Marbella
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If you are looking for a more urban escape, we suggest a weekend in Marbella. The old town with its winding streets, traditional architecture and many restaurants like Kava Marbella are well worth the visit. It is a city on the sea, so you can’t visit Marbella without taking a walk along the boardwalk. For a romantic dinner and luxury shopping you have the area of Puerto Banus. What’s more, if you visit during the warmer months, you can enjoy almost any kind of water sport. It’s a great option for a relaxing weekend with a bit of luxury and sophistication.

Between Caves and Coves: Nerja

Another getaway from Málaga is Nerja with its famous caves
Foto by catalin eremia via Shutterstock

On the east side of Málaga you will find the town of Nerja. It is the easternmost town in the province and here you will find beaches, sun and loads of outdoor activities. You can enjoy horseback riding, kayaking in the coves or even jet skiing. Although there are also options for those of us who like to stay on solid ground. The Balcony of Europe offers postcard views of the sea and the caves of Nerja are one of the more interesting attractions of the town. Nerja started off as a fishing town and they have found a way to preserve their historic center in spite of the influx of tourists. When you visit this town, you can’t miss the fried fish at one of the restaurants on the beach.

History in the Mountains: Comares

Comares is the highest town in the Axarquia a getaway from Málaga
Foto by Pabkov via Shutterstock

Comares is a town in the region of the Axarquía and it’s the perfect place to soak up the history of Málaga and its Moorish past. You can enjoy a walk through the narrow cobblestone streets and the impressive vistas. Comares is the highest town above sea level in the Axarquia. This is probably why the Moors constructed one of their most important fortresses here. It is a town that has not been very affected by mass tourism (possibly because it’s a bit more difficult to get here on a bus), so it makes for the perfect escape if you want to disconnect and learn something about the history of the area, which has been occupied since the third century B.C.

A Town from Prehistory: Archidona

Views from the castle of Archidona Málaga
Foto by (nc-nd) Carlos Espejo

At the foot of the Sierra de Gracia mountains you will find the town of Archidona. It has a history that dates back to the Lower Paleolithic times. It is best known for it’s octagonal plaza, but there are also other points of interest when you visit this town. One of the most obvious spots is the castle; and the Hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia is also worth checking out. If you enjoy trying the local gastronomy, Archidona has lots of options that will make any foodie happy. This is the town where they make the prize winning goat cheese from the Finca Cantarín which is made using only milk from the goats native to Málaga.

There are lots of getaways from Málaga
Foto by Sean Pavone via Shutterstock

These are only a few of the options for a weekend getaway from the Costa del Sol. There are choices for every price point, all ages and every interest. Have you considered the “smurf town” of Júzcar with your kids? Or maybe Carratraca for its balneario and spa? Whatever your choice, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a weekend escape in the province of Málaga.

Frigiliana is a getaway from Málaga
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