Where to stay in Madrid? Here are our top 5 areas

If you don’t know where to stay in Madrid, we offer you 5 areas which could match with your idea


Spain´s capital city has a lot to offer travelers, regardless of your taste and budget. You can eat delicious tapas in La Latina, experience the Rastro street market on Sunday mornings, take in a museum, a world class musical or theater production on Gran Vía, or take a stroll through the historic section of Madrid de los Austrias. This is a city that you will fall in love with as you explore, and rightly so! Of course, its impossible to experience all that Spain´s capital city has to offer in just one day, so here are some options for where you might stay.

Moncloa – Argüelles

Madrid - La Rosaleda

This area is located next to the sprawling Casa del Campo and within walking distance from the famous Gran Vía and Plaza de España. It is also one of the preferred shopping areas for young people, as it is close to the University. If you are looking for a vibrant area that is closer to the center, this is a good option. Highlights include the Rose Garden, the Templo de Debod, the shopping area, and the local bars such as Los Bocadillos. It is also well connected by bus and metro and located next to the Moncloa Bus station where you can find buses to some of the out lying towns.

Barrio de Salamanca

Madrid - Barrio Salamanca

This neighborhood is known for its expensive stores, proximity to Retiro Park, and beautiful archictecture. The area is mainly residential, although there are plenty of boutiques and a more affordable shopping area on calle Goya. This is a calmer neighborhood, although it is well connected by metro and bus. This area is home to the Residencia de Estudiantes where Salvador Dalí once lived, the National Library, and the Archeological Museum as well. It may be a little bit farther out from the city center, but this neighborhood is full of local flavor and atmosphere.

Sol – Ópera

Madrid - Sol

For those of you looking to stay right in the thick of things, there is no other option but the Puerta del Sol. This is the “Times Square” of Madrid and is bustling at all times of the day and night. Shopping, places to eat, bars and historic buildings are all plentiful, however it is the absolute center of the city, making it less relaxing and a bit more noisy. Points of interest include the Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Opera house, and Royal Palace. It is also located just steps away from La Latina, which is a great area for trying some authentic tapas.

Plaza de Castilla

Madrid - Cuatro Torres

Plaza de Castilla is perhaps best known for the four skyscrapers that characterize Madrid´s skyline. This area is mainly commercial and during the work week it is always busy with people coming and going to and from work. You will be well connected by metro, bus, light rail, and longer distance trains as it is close to the Chamartín train station. The down sides? Lots of places close on the weekend, and you are a bit farther from the city center.


Madrid - Atocha

This area of Madrid is located just next to the train station. Here you will find the Reina Sofia museum, the Botanical Gardens, access to Retiro Park, and proximity to the Prado. As you are near the train station, this is a good place to stay if you are planning on taking some day trips or if you plan to visit other parts of Spain on your trip. If you stay in Atocha, make sure to check out the amazing architecture from Madrid´s industrial period and the Madrid Caixa Forum.


Madrid - Lavapies - DecreceMadrid
Photo by DecreceMadrid

This area of Madrid, also located in the city center and not too far from Atocha, is great if you are looking for a multicultural experience. There are great restaurants that serve everything from Spanish tapas, to Indian, Chinese or African food, and in the summer months you will find lots of terraces to sit outside and enjoy people watching. This area used to be the Jewish Quarter in Madrid and its well worth a stop on your trip to the Capital.

So…where should I stay?

Madrid - Cibeles

As you can see, there are lots of choices for where to stay in Madrid and really experiencing this classic Spanish city. There are also options for every price range, and from our own experience, it´s not always necessary to choose the most expensive hotel in order to have a fantastic vacation and explore the city. You can GowithOh to look for the hotel that´s right for you.


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