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Where to eat in Málaga : Restaurant Montana

Restaurant Montana offered us magnificent quality in an historic area of Málaga You can find Restaurant Montana in one of the neighborhoods with more tradition and character in Málaga: “La Victoria”. This restaurant is very well known in Malaga and we went there because our fiend had recommended it to us, saying that he had a great dining experience. Taking advantage of the fact that on Thursday you can enjoy your dinner with a stand-up comic routine, we thought that it would be fun to enjoy both the food and a few laughs.

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Where to eat in Villaviciosa (Asturias) : Cider-Restaurant La Ballera

A place that we definitely reccommend for home cooked food in Villaviciosa When we arrived at the restaurant we knew the place was authentic. Outside several old men sat chatting and generally observing the lazy August afternoon. Inside the two waiters that were working in the dining room could barely keep up with the clientele. At the bar, groups of retirees were drinking hard cider, poured in the traditional style from high in the air into the glass. This process is necessary for the cider to have its authentic flavor and when it is not possible, bars will use little mechanisms that are attached to the bottle in order to serve the cider at its best.

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