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The most unique cafes around the world. We like enjoying the atmosphere and the great coffee of these places!


Unique cafés in Málaga (Spain) : Café con Libros

Café con Libros is much better than a simple café The truth is, there are so many different places to have coffee in any city anywhere in the world that you could get dizzy trying to figure out your favorite place. But, at the same time, its easy to tell someone the name of your preferred coffeehouse. Why is that? Isn´t the coffee from the place around the corner really similar to the coffee from Starbucks or the place next to where you work? Maybe they use the perfect combination of coffee and milk to create the most perfect latte of your life? The answer, of course, is no. What makes a coffee house the best, what makes it your favorite spot is the ambiance, the customer service and basically everything that makes you want to stay there resting for a minute from the frenetic pace that we have come to associate with our daily life.

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