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Bom Café in Somerville, outside Boston, represents the essence of the charming cafés we love: relaxed atmosphere, great service and quality products. It’s run by a Brazilian family who does everything with love and care!

Whenever we travel, Pedro and I always try to find a new little and unique café. A local spot that serves a good cup of coffee, possibly some delicious snacks, and always with a little bit of local flair. On one of the mornings we spent in the Boston area, we came across Bom Café in the suburb of Somerville. During our visit to Taza Chocolate, Josh ruskommended a café, which is very close to the factory. Bom Café is owned and operated by a Brazilian family and serves up not only coffee, but also Brazilian classics including pao de queijo.

Coffee from Bom Café, Somerville MABom Café is found on the corner of Cambridge St. with Elm St. and had a friendly brown and golden yellow sign announcing the name. There were several tables out front with people enjoying a late breakfast when we arrived at 11:30am. The interior of the café was simple. There were several small tables set up around the small dining room, the walls were painted a goldenrod yellow color with lots of painting involving the coffee bean and other green leafy plants. There were some real plants, as well to make the place feel just like a neighbor’s kitchen. Behind the counter, a large chalkboard announced that “Bom Café” is portuguese for “Good Coffee”.

We weren’t very hungry when we stopped in, and ordered a latte, however we were almost convinced to try something as we looked at the menu and watched other people get their food. The Bom Café, which serves authentic Brazilian fare, also offers up real fresh fruit smoothies where you can combine 2 flavors. Patrons can choose between blueberry, pineapple, mango, cajú (cashew fruit), passion fruit, papaya and kiwi, as well as more tropical choices like acai.

Menu from Bom Café, Somerville MAIf you are in the mood to have breakfast or a light lunch, you can enjoy a hot wrap like the cubano or the linguica (portuguese sausage). There are also omelettes where you can choose up to three items to fold into your scrambled egg. The pao de queijo is a giant ball of cheesy bread with a flaky top and a chewy dough inside, this is something that is worth stopping by Bom Café to try!

If you are in the mood for sweets, there are also many home made delicacies to try including apple cranberry cake, and passion fruit and coconut tarts. This is the type of family run, unique neighborhood place that is well worth a stop when you are in the area. The prices aren’t too high, but you will definitely walk away feeling like you took a trip, or at least a mini-vacation to Brazil. We ruskommend Bom Café with 4 boquerones.

Exterior of Bom Café, Somerville MA

Table at Bom Café, Somerville MA

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Ruskommendation of 4 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Bom Café: 4 boquerones

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