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The Bondir Restaurant in Concord is a testament to sustainability. We love the recent movement toward quality, fresh produce that is in season, picked from local farms.  Whats more, the food is excellent!

A recent trend in restaurants has been the farm to table movement, which advocates the use of local products and using fruits and vegetables that are in season. In so many cases, restaurants had gotten away from the use of fresh produce, especially since almost any fruit or vegetable can be flown in from far away. The Bondir Restaurant in Concord, Massachusetts makes a point of looking for local ingredients and creatively changes their menu on a daily basis. We stopped in for dinner during our stay in the Lexington and Concord area, and were pleasantly surprised.

Dining Room in Bondir Restaurant ConcordBondir is an unassuming restaurant with a white exterior and an interior decorated with wooden accents and fresh flowers. It is at once a comfortable place, and reflects their desire to showcase the rich flavors of New England. We were seated at a booth and after placing our drink order, the waiter explained not only the options on the menu that night, but also the philosophy of the restaurant. Bondir takes pride in the fact that they use local products. In fact, one of the farmers who grew some of the vegetables we enjoyed was at the restaurant the night we visited. What’s more, on Monday nights, they host a family style dinner from 5-8 pm. This is just the kind of restaurant you would want to have in your home town.

The waiter explained that we would be served home baked bread where he noted the actual mill where the wheat was ground. He then told us that we could choose a starter and an entree. The entrees can be ordered as a half portion or a full portion, depending on how hungry you are. We chose to order two different starters and an entree each. In our case, we ordered the full entrees, however, I would personally suggest ordering a half entree unless you are quite hungry. The full entree plus the starter were quite filling, and while I would have liked to try a dessert, I was too full by the end of the meal.

For our starters, Pedro ordered the salad of chicories and lettuce with Concord Cousa Squash, Prescott Cheese, Rhubarb Leather and a Buttermilk Thyme Vinagarette. I chose the Chilled Soupe de Courgette with Sweet Corn, Tomato and Herb salad and a Sourdough Crisp. Both were exquisite. The soup had a very fresh flavor with just the right mix of herbs and a light flavor that let you know the vegetables were fresh and in season. The salad combined the flavors of the vegetables and cheese with the thyme flavored dressing and was a perfect start to a delicious meal.

Menu in Bondir Restaurant ConcordFor our entrees, the choice was clear in Pedro’s case. He has always loved duck confit, and on the menu was a dish that combined garlic herb parpadelle pasta, home made in the kitchens of Bondir, with duck confit, shelling peas, and calalou, all topped with parmigiano reggiano. The duck was perfectly cooked and very tender. The pasta, was al dente and arranged on the plate in little cylindrical spirals. The entire dish worked very well together and by the end of his dish, Pedro was wishing we lived closer so that we could come back more often! I tried the Concord K-22 Chicken, which the waiter informed me, had come from a farm just up the road. The chicken was accompanied by braised carrots with sweet cubanelle chili and white corn grits. The chicken was juicy and cooked perfectly, and the flavor of the carrots reminded me of just how delicious garden vegetables can be!

When we had finished our meal, as I said, we didn’t have room for dessert, however the server was happy to bring us a few small pieces of chocolate made with sea salt for contrast. The whole experience was relaxed and it felt like we were in our own living room, but with much better cuisine! I would absolutely give the Bondir Restaurant in Concord five boquerones for it’s exceptional service, delicious farm fresh food, and the philosophy that more restaurants should adopt. We need to learn how to eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season once again, even if everything under the sun might be available at the big supermarkets. This is a way of eating that we, as frequent farmer’s market customers in our own neighborhood, can really get behind!

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Dining Room in Bondir Restaurant Concord

**We were invited to visit by Visit Massachusetts Tourism Office. In no way were we swayed to write a positive review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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