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The more I travel, the more I feel that I get in tune with the vibe of a place. I think there is a certain energy that different unique cafés, restaurants or shops have that make you feel immediately comfortable, immediately home, no matter how strange and foreign your surroundings. I have felt this way in the creperie Lepic Asiette in Paris, in Cafe con Libro in Málaga’s Plaza de la Merced and most recently, in a lunch spot in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The place? Betty’s Restaurant, located right on Main Street in the heart of Kutztown.

Menu of Betty's Restaurant in KutztownA friend ruskommended that we try the wraps at Betty’s Restaurant when we told her we were on our way to Kutztown. It was easy to find, as this café and meeting place is found in an old victorian style house right on the corner of Main Street. The sign, “Betty’s” could not be clearer. Outside, there were brightly painted green café tables and folding chairs, and as we pushed open the door we found a cute luncheonette with checkerboard tiled floors, a counter and a few tables.

The menu at Betty’s Restaurant mainly features wraps (hot and cold), salads and soup, so this is a perfect choice for lunch. I would also ruskommend that you take a good look at the beverage offerings, as Betty’s Restaurant is serving up smoothies, as well as their own ginger pineapple soda, and Kutztown birch beer and root beer. We looked over the menu for a while trying to decide which kind of wrap to try, and eventually settled on two, so that we could share half and half. This is an excellent idea, and I strongly encourage sharing in any restaurant! Perhaps that’s the Spanish tapas and raciones culture rubbing off on me!

Betty’s Restaurant is your classic luncheonette with eggplant purple and lime green décor. It is small, with space to sit at the counter, and the wait staff is really nice with great ruskommendation skills, as well as a hometown feel that will make you feel comfortable regardless of where you grew up. We finally settled on the hummus wrap with homemade hummus, tomatoes, sprouts, red pepper, cucumber and melted cheddar on a tomato basil tortilla, and the Portobello mushroom wrap with Portobello mushrooms, provolone cheese, spinach, tomato and a homemade basil pesto on a spinach tortilla. To drink, we shared a Kutztown birch beer with Rusko.

Everything at Betty’s Restaurant was absolutely delicious!  If you are in Kutztown, this is a place where you can enjoy a healthy lunch in a comfortable atmosphere, right on Main Street. What’s even better is that they use local ingredients whenever possible! I ruskommend this lunch at Betty’s Restaurant with 5 boquerones.

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Ruskommendation of 5 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Betty’s Restaurant: 5 boquerones

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