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Le Grenier de Pepe is a neighborhood place with authentic French flavor. A perfect spot for a relaxing night with typical and delicious food found off the beaten path.

We found Le Grenier de Pepe on our trip to Toulouse completely by chance. The restaurant where we wanted to have dinner didn’t have any tables, so we turned to the internet to look for a good alternative. The criteria? That we could walk from our hotel (which was located near the city center) and that it served French cuisine. One of the first places we found turned out to be the best choice offering up crepes and galettes (savory crepes) along with fondue, cheese plates and local wines. What made it even better was the fact that it was off the beaten tourist track. It was called Le Grenier de Pepe or Joe’s Farm and it was just next to the Jean Jaures subway stop.

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Tucked back from the main circular road on a side street, Le Grenier de Pepe was a small local restaurant that we liked immediately. It was already dark out when we pushed open the door, and inside the warm yellow light enveloped us along with the delicious smell of crepes and the sound of a typical french café. You could tell from the first minute that this was the spot the locals came to. The menu was simple and the decoration was rustic, but homey.

We were seated immediately at a small table. All the tables were rather small, actually, set closely together in a way that reminded me of Paris or New York Of course we knew we wanted to try the galettes, or savory crepes. The difficult choice was which one we should try, as they all looked delicious. After a lot of debating, I ordered on the one called “J’nai pas trop d’ ideas” or “I’m out of ideas” which had ham, bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Pedro chose the Potagère which had red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and cheese. To drink, we couldn’t pass up a carafe of local red wine.

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As we waited for our food to come, I looked around the restaurant. There was a large group chattering in French, it looked like a birthday celebration. Next to us two friends were sharing cheese fondue, and it was clear that this is the type of comfortable place that you depend on in your neighborhood. The sort of spot you come when you just don’t feel like turning on the stove, or to celebrate in a casual setting. The name of “Joe’s Farm” seemed absolutely accurate for a place like this.

When our food came we were happy to find that each galette was served with a green salad. The dressing was house made and tasted like a honey mustard vinaigrette. It was the perfect contrast to the melted cheese in the galettes. Of course, we tried each other’s dishes and I have to say my favorite was the “I’m out of ideas” galette. Although I may have been influenced by the fact that I just love the name! Sounds like me when I go into the kitchen some nights to whip up some dinner.

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While we didn’t save room for dessert because the food was so yummy, we did linger over our wine. There is so much to do in Toulouse, so this was the perfect quiet evening after a day of travel and exploring Toulouse. If you are looking for a neighborhood restaurant in Toulouse, this is a hidden gem that is very affordable (we paid about 9 euros a piece for our meal with wine included). And if you would like to find more restaurants in Toulouse, here you can find something for every taste.

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