Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón Plasencia; Enjoying a Suite with views of the Cathedral

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The Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón surpassed our expectations in terms of comfort and charm in the historic center of Plasencia.

This time around, the Travel Bloggers Meeting took us to the beautiful city of Plasencia, where we were able to enjoy the history and streets of the city and its surroundings. During our accommodation search we wanted a hotel which was within the walled city, to be closer to the city’s atmosphere, and to save time getting from place to place. Out of all the options, the one that called to us in the photos was the Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón, situated right next to the city’s main square.

Building of the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron Plasencia

The first story about the hotel was our arrival by car. We found out that you can’t enter the walled city by car, unless you’re going to the Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón. We didn’t know this and we only saw the cameras and the fine warnings when we were inside the walled city itself. Although we were a bit worried, we arrived at the hotel and they told us that even if they filmed the registration plate, the hotel would make sure that the fine wouldn’t be processed. At least now if you go, you know this. Our first impression of the hotel was one of surprise at the building’s beautiful exterior. It’s an old renaissance palace, the perfect setting for a hotel, even the bathrooms look like an old palace (we’ll get to this later)!

Lounge area of the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron Plasencia

The receptionist of the Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón was the first to win us over. With a nice, friendly welcome, she told us all about the hotel and gave us local advice to enjoy Plasencia. It’s so great when people love their job and want customers to enjoy their stay! I couldn’t stop looking at the walls and ceilings of the hotel. It was like we were in a museum or an actual palace. The walls, the décor and much more made the welcome even more inviting. After checking in and explaining everything, the receptionist showed us to our suite; yes, you’ve heard correctly, this time we gave ourselves the luxury of a suite!

Our suite at the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron Plasencia

As soon as we entered the room, we couldn’t believe our eyes. How could they have put such a bathroom in a suite! This was no ordinary bath or shower, it was a spa or a roman bath! The room was perfect. The size that you expect from a suite, a very comfortable bed, and everything we needed to relax and enjoy our stay. As our friend was staying in one of the other bedrooms, we wanted to see what his was like. His shower wasn’t just big, it was big enough to be a shower for a football team…yes, with all the team fitting in! It seemed spacious showers were a common element in the Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón.

Having breakfast at the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron Plasencia

Lastly, I would like to talk about breakfast of theHotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón, as we didn’t have time to try the restaurant. As a quick overview, the restaurant is run by chef Enrique Bejarano who had worked with Ramón Caso Nacarino, hailing from Cáceres, who was the owner of the Altair Restaurant (which has a Michelin star). The breakfast was simple and consisted of the basics to start the day well. Bread with tomato and olive oil, scrambled eggs, a bowl of fruit, coffee and orange juice. You can choose other options but they vary in price and also depend on what your accommodation includes. To conclude, we ruskomend the Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón with 4 boquerones. You will feel like you’re in another century and you will love its surroundings and amenities.

Views from our suite at the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron Plasencia

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Ruskommendation of 4 boquerones

Ruskommendation for The Hotel Palacio Carvajal-Girón Plasencia: 4 boquerones

[usrlist Services:8.5 “Comfort:8.0” “Value for money:8.0” “Atmosphere:9.0” “Cleanliness:9.0″ img=”03.png” size=20 avg=”true”]

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