Pumpkinland, the orange spirit for Halloween in Pennsylvania

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Rusko at Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

Pumpkinland is an event organized every year at Halloween time in Pennsylvania. Given the name, the event couldn’t contain anything other than their famous pumpkins.

Not far from Reading, Pennsylvania, Abby’s childhood home where her parents still live, is Green Valley Nursery & Gift . It is in the town of Sinking Spring, about 20 minutes away from Reading. It is a space dedicated to the world of plants, flowers and trees; a sort of greenhouse. As part of the community,it organizes all sorts of events, some of which are dedicated to animals and some to the seasons of fall and spring. Without a doubt, my favorite has to be ‘Pumpklinland’, an event organized every year close to Halloween.

How to make a scarecrow in Pumpkinland, PennsylvaniaIt is easy to guess what ‘Pumpklinland’ contains – it couldn’t be anything other than those famous pumpkins. As soon as you enter, you will be inundated by orange and the festive spirit. There are tons of activities for kids as well as adults (although I must admit, there are times when I don’t know whether I’m an adult or a kid haha). You can carve your own pumpkin any way you like, learn how to make a scarecrow or pass your time with some of the farm animals. For the kids, there’s even a playground where they can entertain themselves and do fun activities.

In the store they sell all types of decorations and painted pumpkins in a multitude of shapes and size; ready to decorate the house for Halloween. Rusko, who loves such light-hearted and original places, had a great time going from one pumpkin to another. It seemed to me such a great, unique idea, having gone there just after my arrival in the US, and it surprised me how ‘real’ I found it all. If you find yourself passing by this part of Pennsylvania and you have a car, our ruskomendation is that you pop in for a bit of fun at ‘Pumpklinland’. We ruskomend ‘Pumpklinland’ with 4 boquerons and we wish you a frightful Halloween night!

Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

Pedro y Abby at Pumpkinland, Pennsylvania

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Ruskommendation of 4 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Pumpkinland: 4 boquerones

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