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Cous cous in the Beehive Restaurant, Boston

The Beehive Restaurant in Boston, one of those charming places that makes you want to stay all night. A bohemian atmosphere, excellent food, cocktails and live music. What more can you ask for?

The Beehive Restaurant, found in Boston’s South End is one of those places that made me reconsider living in New York from the minute I walked inside. This restaurant and jazz club is everything that you want from a night out: great food, quality live music, and friendly service…oh, and a great selection of drinks. What put this place over the edge? the chocolate mousse for dessert. The Beehive Restaurant had me hooked at once.

Outdoor terrace in the Beehive Restaurant, BostonAs we made our way downstairs to the dining room at The Beehive Restaurant, we began to notice the eclectic décor of the restaurant. There was a local artist exhibiting an original series with three-dimensional elements on the walls, there were bunches of small tables, but also room for larger parties. The brick walls were painted white, and in some spots adorned with chandeliers or draped velvet curtains. It reminded me of a spot you’d find in the West Village, but with a less pretentious air. Best of all? There was a group of musicians playing live jazz on the stage.

We were seated with a good view of the jazz group, who paused to take a break just as we arrived. We ordered a local beer and had a look at the menu. The Beehive Restaurant serves up a mix of familiar comfort foods with a twist. We decided to try the grilled calamari as an appetizer. It came with a salad of red leaf, chickpeas, and garlic peppers with lemon vinaigrette. We had never tried the combination of calamari with chickpeas, but were pleasantly surprised by the mixture. I loved the spiciness of the garlic peppers contrasted with the fresh grilled calamari. The meal was definitely off to a good start.

For our entrees, Pedro chose the lamb and chicken Moroccan cous cous, which was served with a spicy lamb sausage and some vegetables. The dish was savory and indulgent. As someone who grew up in Andalucia, just a short distance from Morocco, these flavors were all too familiar, and it was wonderful to try them with a new spin. I ordered the salmon filet, which came with leeks and peas and was served in a ginger thai chili broth. The salmon was cooked to perfection, and I loved the ginger flavor of the broth. I should admit that I love ginger in anything, but in this dish it worked particularly well.

Having dinner at the Beehive Restaurant, BostonThe dessert menu at The Beehive Restaurant is not written, but our server informed us of our choices. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t listen after she mentioned the delicious chocolate mousse. Pedro and I shared this dessert, and it was the perfect consistency: smooth, chocolaty and not heavy at all. It was the perfect end to the meal.

The Beehive Restaurant also offers up an impressive list of cocktails, wines and beers, which is perfect since you will want to linger over your dinner and enjoy the music. There is live music daily, and the groups are world class, so you don’t have to wonder about liking the group. Odds are, you will have a great show. This is an ideal place to come for a night out, and the bohemian space will have you, like me, wishing you lived in Boston. We ruskommend this venue with 5 boquerones.

Jazz group in the Beehive Restaurant, Boston

Grilled Calamares with garbanzos in the Beehive Restaurant, Boston

Dining room in the Beehive Restaurant, Boston

**We were invited to visit by Visit Massachusetts Tourism Office. In no way were we swayed to write a positive review. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Ruskommendation of 5 boquerones

Ruskommendation for Beehive Restaurant: 5 boquerones

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